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Selasa, 29 September 2009

SPG Cantik Seksi Telanjang

First, plan an evening with spg cantik. Put everything else aside, leave your cell phone at home, and plan to spend the evening completely together. Start with a nice walk out to the park. Maybe watch the sunset, or wait until it is already dark and look at the stars. Talk to spg seksi, ask her how her day was... make pleasant conversation, and show her that you care about listening to her. Next, take her to dinner. Take spg telanjang to her favorite restaurant, and have a great time dining together. Have a glass of wine, talk about things that you enjoy, and just laugh together. Hold her hand through the evening, give her hugs, and kiss her gently now and then. Later, head back home. Have her chocolates and flowers ready for her. Also, have bubble bath ready to run, with all the oils and lotions she could possibly want. Give spg bispak a massage and a bubble bath, and then just see where the night goes. Let it be a fun night with no pressure.

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