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Selasa, 25 Januari 2011

sempurna banget gadis cantik nih

This girl was very pretty and sexy as being proper for the model that has been secular, even when he wore the bikini of swimming clothes, he was very astonishing and made the heart like was affected by fire welding, yes like welding that could make the iron melt in fact the steel could then melt by him, pretty and really astonishing. Preheating the aluminum workpiece can help avoid weld cracking. Preheating temperature should not exceed 230 F-use a temperature indicator to prevent overheating. In addition, placing tack welds at the beginning and end of the area to be welded will aid in the preheating effort. Welders should also preheat a thick piece of aluminum when welding it to a thin piece; if cold lapping occurs, try using run-on and run-off tabs. Aluminum Welding, Laser Welding, Welding Education, Hard Facing Welding

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