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Minggu, 06 September 2009

Artis Seksi Bispak Telanjang

I'm a boomer and proud to say so. With so many artis seksi crossing the line from "youth" to middle age we are now a majority. When artis bispak were talking the talk of not trusting anyone over thirty, did we not think we would make it this far? Did artis telanjang not believe that life would lead us down the path to fifty? How naive were we? When I think of that now, I smile and ask myself, how dumb were you back then Faylee? The answer never changes, "Pretty dumb", I whisper to myself. Now that I'm here and I see how wonderful it is, I'm amazed God didn't start us at this age. We know who artis bugil are, as asian seksi. We do have value to input into the lives of other's. Mostly asian girls understand the differences in each of us. The differences that make the core of our being. Those differences are not a bad thing. We can use them to build a friendship or relationship, with each of us still being true to who we are.

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