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Selasa, 06 Oktober 2009

ABG Seksi Bispak Telanjang

abg seksi dig dominant men because it saves them the trouble of leading and making sure the interaction goes flawlessly. abg bispak are submissive by nature, and with a few exceptions, would rather surrender control to the men. Since time immemorial, abg telanjang have always been the keepers of the household, while the men made all the decisions. Even in modern times, and regardless of what women say, men are looked upon as the leaders in any group. Domination is something that is ingrained in all men, and those who cannot dominate are looked upon as weak. Now, let's talk about dominating a woman's space in dating. A woman, being socially programmed to acquiesce to a man's wishes, will only feel attraction for men who look like leaders. In this sense, if you can create a dominant presence around women, you are almost guaranteed a limitless supply of flirtation and fun interaction.

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