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Kamis, 03 September 2009

Mahasiswa Bispak Seksi Bugil

One very big thing guys miss when trying to get mahasiswa bispak is that they completely overlook there surroundings. You have to really keep an eye out for mahasiswa seksi that are on the prowl, and mahasiswa telanjang that are just simply there to dance, talk, or otherwise not be associated with guys. If your part of a group of guys, try to position yourself either in the front, or on the side of the group so you get noticed. If you tend to stay in the back of the pack you will be considered lackluster and all of your friends will get the girls. Be one of the first guys to say something quick, because before you know it you'll be the last one standing without mahasiswa bugil. Another trick is to go up to a group of girls, and tell them you have an "amazing trick to show them". Take an empty beer bottle and place the open end on top of a dollar bill. Then ask the girls to remove the dollar bill without touching the bottle with anything. The simple answer to this is to gently roll the dollar bill from one end to the other, and the bill will slowly run underneath the bottle. This, my friends, is a unique way to get the whole group interested in you.

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